High intensity interval training at the YMCA





Our Certified Personal Trainers will provide you with an all-around functional training experience that will torch calories & get the results you want FAST!  Our key is to push you, so you need that recovery time, every time. This class includes work on the treadmill, the indoor water-rower and the weight-room floor with various equipment. Typical workout is about 55-60 minutes in length and includes both cardiovascular- and strength-training intervals broken up into blocks with breaks in-between.

Participants are split into two groups, with one group beginning on the treadmills and one group beginning on the indoor water-rowers. Although participants start in different places, they will each get the chance to experience the same total workout throughout the one-hour class.

  • Never boring, always a NEW & CHALLENGING workout to keep your body guessing.
  • Fun, exciting & addicting!
  • Body Changing! Gain muscle, torch calories, gain flexibility & agility. 
  • Burn calories efficiently, up to 1,000 calories per class! And with your afterburn effect your body will burn up to 15% more even in rest for 36 hours!