Float therapy pod

Float Therapy

Floating is the relaxation practice of being buoyant in approximately 10 inches of water in a solution of 1,000 pounds of magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom Salts. Floats last no more than 60 minutes. The temperature of the water is set to the body’s normal skin temperature.  This practice can be accomplished in a special floatation device like a float pod, a floatation tank or a float room.  Some may have heard of a sensory deprivation tank, this is the same type of device as mentioned above.

$25/hour Members  | $50/hour Non-Members

Please watch the video as a tutorial on what to do and what to expect when you arrive for your float appointment.

Float FAQs

Allergy Warning

If you have been diagnosed with any type of Epsom Salt allergy, we do not recommend you use the float tank.

What is flotation?

Quite simply, flotation is the most effective method for stress relief and relaxation. The flotation tank has 10″ of water saturated with about 1000 pounds of Epsom salt, creating incredibly buoyant water for you to float on. The water is heated to skin temperature (93.5 F). Once you’re settled, it is virtually impossible to distinguish what parts of your body are in contact with the water and which aren’t.  Since your senses are void from input, the tank is sometimes also called a sensory deprivation tank.  However, we often notice our senses go into hyperdrive while floating right down to hearing yourself blink, which makes for a pretty amazing experience.

That tank looks scary…what if I’m claustrophobic / afraid?

It’s not as bad as it looks. The space inside the flotation tank is 4 wide by 7.5 feet long. You are in complete control and can open the door and go in/out as you’d like. You can even float with the door open.  If you’re unsure, come on in and check the float tanks out first!  Most people feel so much better seeing them and realizing how much space and control they have.

How often should I float?

While you can float every day without harm, we find that the relaxing effects of a one-hour float typically last beyond that day. For best results, we recommend regular sessions, and many clients find that floating once or twice a week provides the most benefits.  If using floating as a type of self-therapy, we often hear to stick with at least 7 float sessions.

Is there a maximum height or weight to float?

The maximum height and weight of an individual using the float tank is 7 feet tall and 500 pounds.

How long do people usually stay in the tank?

Our sessions are 60 minutes. However, you can leave the tank at any time before your session ends.

What will it be like for me?

We don’t know what it will be like for you since it is such an individual experience. Nearly every customer reports having profound peace and relaxation, deep concentration and creativity. We like to avoid saying too much before people use the tank, so that they aren’t influenced by what someone else says. Not only will it be different for you than it is for anyone else, it will be different each time.

Will I be able to resume my daily activities when I get out?

Yes. And it may be good to arrange your time so you don’t have to rush. Many people enjoy savoring the peace and quiet before jumping into something hectic.

Is there a cumulative effect of using the tank on a regular basis?

As reported by users, there seems to be a cumulative effect with consistent use of the tank. We are looking forward to getting more feedback in this area.  Sadly, relaxation has become a learned art that needs practice.

Do you wear anything in the tank?

Since it is a private experience, we recommend that you don’t wear any clothing. You’ll have the room to yourself and be required to shower before and after.  Anything you wear will press against your body, becoming a distraction from the true sensory deprivation experience.

What do I need to do to prepare for this experience?
  • Most importantly…relax. The tank will help, but if you arrive relaxed, the experience will be more beneficial for you. There are a few additional things to consider.  
  • Try not to shave right before arriving. It isn’t the end of the world if you do…but salt water on freshly shaven body parts isn’t the most pleasant thing on Earth.
  • Remove your contacts prior to floating (bring a container to store them in)
  • If you have caffeine before you float, it may interfere with your ability to relax.
  • Ladies, if it’s that dreaded time of month, give us a call to reschedule or prepare as if you were going swimming in a public pool.
Would I drown in the flotation tank if I fell asleep?

It is nearly impossible to drown in the tank. Since you are floating you do not need to know how to swim. The water is only about 10″ deep and has a very high density of salt. This water is buoyant and will support you regardless of your size or weight. Since the water is pushing you to the surface, rolling over requires conscious effort, unlike in your bed.  IF you were to manage to turn over, the salt in the water would sting your eyes and wake you.  Additionally, it’s not dangerous to fall asleep in the tank.  Some people even use floating for this purpose!  One hour of sleep in the tank is roughly equivalent to 4 hours of regular sleep.

What happens if I get salt water in my eyes?

It’s going to sting, for sure. But no worries…there’s a spray bottle of fresh, clean water inside the pod, in case you need it.

Can two people float in one tank?

No. Flotation therapy at the Portage Township YMCA is a solitary act.

Are there situations in which I will not be permitted to use the flotation tank?

We will not allow you to float if you: 

  • Have infectious skin or respiratory disorders
  • Have open wounds or recent tattoos
  • Have incontinence
  • Have uncontrolled epilepsy or serious mental conditions
  • Are a high-risk pregnancy
  • Have colored or permed your hair within 7 days
  • Are under the influence of any drug or alcohol
  • Are currently menstruating without the proper precautions
  • Are between the ages of 12 and 18 without parental presence on site at all times
  • Are under the age of 12.  An exception can be made with a doctor referral.

We expect you to inform us of any conditions for your own safety and the safety of other floaters! We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

How are the tanks kept clean and disinfected?

There are 1000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in each of our tanks. Salinity is at 1.30 grams per cubic centimeter. The higher and higher the salt concentration, the lower and lower the ability for microorganisms to thrive in the water.  This automatically gives floatation tanks a leg up on cleanliness when compared to public pools and hot tubs.  After each session, the entire volume of the solution is filtered through a three part filtration and sterilization system utilizing Ultra Violet light and H2O2.  UV is the safest most effective system available. It’s what water treatment facilities use to give us drinking water! It maintains the water’s soft, clean and crystal clear appearance. In addition all clients are required to shower prior to entering the tank.

Will my skin get wrinkly?

No. The high Epsom salt content of the water means that the water will not draw the salt from your skin and cause wrinkles like a long bath does. Epsom salt has been used for centuries as a medicinal treatment for various skin conditions. It is non-toxic and is not harmful if swallowed (although it does not taste good!). Epsom salt is actually quite nourishing for the skin, which is why many people feel silky smooth after their float session.

I’m pregnant. Can floating harm my baby?

We do recommend that you consult your obstetrician and gain permission before floating. However, we find that pregnant women probably get more relief from the float tank than anyone else. Just lying on a bed can be extremely uncomfortable for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy due to the massive gravitational strain placed on the body. The float tank is a wonderful haven for pregnant women. 

What do I need to bring?

We will provide a towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and earplugs.  There is a hair dryer in the room. You will need to bring your brush or comb and a contact lens case, if you have contacts. Flip flops or some type of shower shoe if desired.

Float Pod Waiver – Must Be Digitally Signed Upon Registration