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  • Gift Cards

    Give the gift of health to your friends and family! YMCA gift cards are available to purchase during the holiday season or for any occasion. Gift cards can be purchased by visiting the Portage Township YMCA.  Treat yourself or someone you love with a Y membership, Y program, or Y experience:

  • Join


    WHEN YOU JOIN THE Y – YOU BELONG! Open to All YMCA memberships are open to all people without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or gender. Financial assistance is available for membership and program fees where need can be supported.  All applicants must qualify for assistance. 24-Hour Facility access.  CHOOSE YOUR…

  • Corporate Membership

    Corporate Membership

    Many studies have found that healthy employees are more productive, which is why the YMCA offers corporate membership for Porter County businesses and companies. WHY OFFER A CORPORATE HEALTH PROGRAM?Healthy, happy people are good employees. A well-rounded benefits package, one that includes a YMCA Membership, is attractive to current and potential employees. An estimated 25-30%…

  • Financial Assistance Scholarship

    Financial Assistance Scholarship

    WE’RE HERE FOR YOU FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR MEMBERSHIP & PROGRAMS We believe that no one should be turned away due to the inability to pay.  The Portage Township YMCA offers financial assistance for children, teens, adults and families who cannot afford the full cost of a Y membership through our Annual Scholarship Campaign. If you are…

  • Other Memberships

    Other Memberships

    Other Accepted Memberships

  • 24/7 Facility Access

    24/7 Facility Access

    Exclusive to Portage Township YMCA members 18+ only. $25 key fob fee applies in addition to monthly membership dues.  Replacement key fobs $25.  Additional policy & procedures applicable.  See front desk for more information. With the addition of 24 hour access, the YMCA is adopting a strict honor code based on YMCA values of honesty,…

  • Guest Passes

    Guest Passes

    Facility Guests WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RESTRICT GUEST PASSES AT ANY TIME. Guest passes are restricted to one guest per YMCA member. No exceptions. The following rates apply: Who Daily 1 guest with Portage YMCA Member $10/day All Other Guests without Portage YMCA Member $15/day Family Pass $20/day

  • Membership Policies

    Membership Policies

    For our Membership Policies, please view our Membership Handbook or request a printed copy from info@ymcaofportage.org. Note that some departments have program specific policies. Please contact the program coordinator with any program specific questions. Digital Membership Handbook YMCA Kids: Where Can They Be in the Facility?

  • Member Response Form

    Member Response Form

    Whether sharing your YMCA story, spotlighting a staff member that has gone above & beyond, or offering important feedback, the Y wants to hear from you!

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